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ISO 50001:2018 CERTIFICATION Vadodara

ISO 50001:2018 identifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving an energy management system, whose aim is to enable an organization to follow a systematic approach in achieving energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy use, and consumption on a continuous basis. The primary aim of the standard is to help organizations reduce their energy use such that the energy costs and their greenhouse gas emissions are reduced on a continuous basis

ISO 50001:2018 Specifications :
* Measurement, documentation and reporting, design and acquisition practices for equipment, systems, processes, and personnel that contribute to energy performance.
* Monitor all variables affecting energy performance.

ISO 50001:2018 is applicable to any organization wishing to ensure that it conforms to its stated energy policy and wishing to demonstrate this to others, such conformity being confirmed either by means of self-evaluation and self-declaration of conformity or by certification of the energy management system by an external organization.

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